Profit Plus is an IT solutions and business process management services provider based in the United Arab Emirates. We have a network of associates helping us in delivering technologically advanced solutions to our customers. As a venture by experienced professionals and experts including physicians, financial experts, software engineers, and clinical coding specialists, we are well positioned to provide our customers with contemporary and future oriented IT and transaction processing solutions that maximize return on their investments. We specialize in cost-effective and technologically innovative solutions in medical billing, clinical coding and e-Claims processing, that will minimize denials, increase efficiency in turnaround time, ensuring timely reimbursement of claims.


To be a reliable partner of choice in the areas we deliver. Our goal is to help transforming operations to improve performance, efficiency and revenue. We aim to deliver innovative process and technology efficiencies to all of our clients.


Our mission is simple, make coding easier for healthcare facilities, enable accurate and efficient claim processing and provide the best revenue management in a cost effective way

We Offer

Medical Coding Services
Medical Billing & E-claim Processing
Healthcare Revenue Management
E-Learning and Web Based Training Programs on Clinical Coding
Patient Information Management Solutions